Flow Composite syringes of 2 g.

Flow Composite syringes of 2 g.

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He dual cement is for use in final cementations of prostheses on implants, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers. Cementation of posts, bolts and periodontal splinting.
Composition of glass ionomer in a Bis-GMA matrix based on dental resins, activators, catalysts and pigments. SYRINGE 10gr. + TIPS

  • Quick cementation
  • Auto-Mix Syringe
  • Practical, economical and especially useful for multiple operative practices
  • No air bubbles, no wasted material due to over-mixing.
  • Predictable, exact, consistent and homogeneous mixture at all times.
  • Minimum heat generated
  • Protect the pulp
  • Radiopaque
  • Easy identification on X-rays
  • Low thickness film
  • Provides easy placement of crowns and bridges
  • Release of fluoride
  • Reduces secondary caries
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Low-viscosity light-curing resin, very aesthetic, used for all kinds of cavity preparations, and with excellent polishing.
Adhesion to the dental structure is achieved through the use of a dental adhesive system, such as L / C One Step Bonding Adhesive.
The composite has a particle size of about 0.7 microns.
It is an ideal option to be used in the following cases:

  • Small anterior and posterior restorations.
  • As a sealant for plasters and fissures.
  • Small defects and fill the cervical gaps caused by brush erosion or retracted gums.
  • Remove retentions before taking impressions for inlays.
  • Cover the cavity and fill areas difficult to access prior to the placement of Condensable Composites such as Prime Dental (Parafil, Nano-Hybrid, Micro-Hybrid and Hybrid).
  • Easy to polish to get a high gloss. It has compressive strength as well as low shrinkage, wear resistant and stains. Radiopaque, for easy identification on X-rays. KIT 4X2gr. (A2-A3-A3,5-B2) + TIPS
  • Micro-hybrid formula of great strength and excellent polishing
  • Fast, photocurable in just 30 seconds for clear tones, 40 seconds for dark tones
  • Radiopaque
  • Release of fluoride
  • Low shrinkage
  • High compressive strength

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